LCFB latest CD - Bandology

Bandology CD

CD available from World of Brass at a cost of £2.99.

The band’s first CD recorded in 2011 featuring soloist David Daws.

In his review of the CD in The Salvationist, Dean Jones wrote: “The band has put together a vast array of music sacred and secular encompassing enough diversity to give every listener something to enjoy”.

The full text of Jones’ review can be found here.

  1. Bandology – Eric Osterling arr. Wright
  2. Where I Love to be – Trevor Davis arr. K Larsson
  3. The Victor – Terry Camsey. David Daws (Cornet) with London Central Fellowship Band
  4. Hello, Dolly! – Jerry Herman arr. Wyatt
  5. This I Know! – Ray Bowes arr. Davies
  6. My One Desire – Howard Davies. David Daws (Cornet) with London Central Fellowship Band
  7. Quando, Quando, Quando – Tony Renis arr. Armitage
  8. Now I Belong to Jesus – Norman Clayton arr. Broughton Deryn Edwards (Vocal)
  9. How d’ya Like Your Eggs in the Morning? – Nicholas Brodzsky arr. van der Velde
  10. Breezin’ down Broadway! – arr. Goff Richards
  11. Worcester – Walter Whinfield
  12. Call of the Gospel – Martin Cordner
  13. Sharing – Evangeline Booth/Jim Timmens arr. Freeh
  14. You Made me Love you – James V Monaco arr. Freeh. David Daws (Cornet)
  15. Take-over bid – John Larsson arr. Steadman-Allen
  16. Bugler’s Holiday – Leroy Anderson. David Daws, Dave Thomas & Alan Garratt (Cornets) with London Central Fellowship Band
  17. Lord, with my all I part – Alice Edwards trs. Rayner
  18. Torch of Freedom – Eric Ball
  19. Gently Down the Stream of Time – Kenneth Downie
  20. Valiant Warriors – Ray Bowes
  21. All the ways God has Shown – Howard Davies. David Daws (Cornet) with London Central Fellowship Band
  22. Soldiers in the Park – Lionel Monckton arr Duthoit