Into 2014



February saw the band revisiting Tiptree Parish Church . Our visit some two years ago was enjoyed by all and it was with anticipation that we journeyed to this part of Essex for a return visit, this under the leadership of our new bandmaster, Julian Bright.

With last year’s  Olympic Games still fresh in our minds , the opening number was  John Williams’ Olympic Fanfare and Theme.  Eiliv Herikstad’s festival march Shoeburyness followed before  the  band presented Eric Ball’s ever fresh Sound Out The Proclamation. Principal Cornet David Thomas dashed through Whirlwind ( Peter Graham) before William Himes’ Soli de Gloria brought contrast to the programme.  The Call of The Gospel was originally written for the LCFB by Martin Cordner and featured on the Bandology CD, it was good to present it again on our programmes.  The preceding the interval  was  another Bill Himes favourite, Procession to Covenant . Although well received, little did we realise the repercussion’s of the particular rendition….more later.

After the break  which allowed some catching up with old and new friends, the programme included Shine on Us,  Marcus Venables’ festival march Abundance and  John Williams’s  Hymn to the Fallen.

Work commitments lead to the absence of our principal trombone for the evening. We were more than compensated with the presence of Dudley Bright, principal trombone of the London Symphony Orchestra. Dudley ‘s  musicianship was  a delight to experience, no more so in his own arrangement of  Joy Webb’s  Share my Yoke.

The evening drew to a close with Fucik’s Florentine March arranged  by Frank Renton .


Into March and the band gave a concert on its home patch of Barnet . The corps continues to support the band by allowing us a band room and rehearsal facilities. In addition to items on our regular programmes we presented a number of new numbers including Leidzen’s The Invisible Army,  Flugel Solo Rocking Carol  ( Jim Rogers) and The Prayer, Cornet and Euphonium Duet ( Dave Thomas and Kevin Kavanagh.) 

The closing half of the concert took the form of a prelude to Easter and included excerpts from Easter Glory, and appropriate readings Congregational singing and piano contributions from our two pianists  Caroline Seredynski  and Susan Avison brought contrast to the brass.

Winter Colds and Sneezes

An interesting diversion from our normal objectives over took the band when we visited Tiptree. Whilst playing Procession to Covenant one of our second trombones was overcome with an unsupressible sneeze. At the time the incident passed without too much commotion, however as a result of the performance being posted on our You Tube channel it was not long before events reached unimaginable proportions.  After being featured on Radio 5’s Danny Baker Show matters spiralled and after just 4 weeks 2.2 million hits were recorded on our web site.  The incident was reported locally on radio , television, and  newspapers. On line reports appeared in the Daily Telegraph, The New York Daily Times, to name but two. ….If you really want to know more please click here.