Croydon Salvation Army 17th September 2016

On the 17th September 2016, the South London and London Central Fellowship bands combined to present a joint programme to a receptive audience at Croydon Salvation Army. Each band presented their items separately, except for the old favourite “Heralds of Victory”, featuring  cornets from both bands.

Prior to the evening concert, members of Croydon Salvation Army kindly prepared a welcome tea for the 2 bands, enabling many old acquaintances to be renewed.  Both bands would like to express their thanks for the preparation of the delightful food and subsequent clearing away.

A wide variety of music and congregational singing followed in the evening concert.

The South London Fellowship band provided high quality pieces such as “Hail The Risen Lord”, “Prelude on Lavenham”, The Ashokun Farewell” and an amazing rendition of the Euphonium solo “Brilliante”, performed by Adrian Horwood.

The London Central band contributed items such as  “On We March”, “My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose”, “Arise My Soul Arise”, ”Psalm of Thanks”, and “Breezing Down Broadway”

We look forward to meeting up with our friends from the South London Fellowship band  in the future at a venue ‘north of the river’.