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LCFB latest CD - Bandology

LCFB latest CD - Bandology

The LCFB under the direction of David Daws launched its new CD, Bandology, at Hendon Salvation Army Hall on September 10th. The more than capacity crowd was quick to show its appreciation of the bands efforts  over the past year , a highlight of which was a recording session  with World of Brass in June.

The concert featured special guests, including cornetist Neil Day (East Yorkshire Motor Services Band), vocalist Deryn Edwards, and pianist Elliot Launn. The band music presented was, in the main, performances of tracks featured on the CD.

The band commenced the programme with the title track Bandology which set the tone for an uplifting evening of music making . Other contributions from the band included Take Over Bid,-J. Larsson arr Ray Steadman-Allen , Where I Love to Be, -Davis arr K Larsson, the hymn tune Worcester, and festival arrangement The Call of the Gospel, specially written for the band’s CD by Martin Cordner.

Elliot Launn’s interludes on the piano provided contrasting musical colour with superb  performances in both soloist and accompanying  roles.

Deryn Edwards gave us some awesome  vocals including a performance with the band of Now I Belong to Jesus arr Bill Broughton, which is featured on the CD.

Neil Day delighted the gathering with some great solos  including Life’s Pageant –Camsey, My One Desire -Davies and The Paragon – Sutton. It’s been great to work with Neil over the past  weeks…’s to the next time!

All too quickly the evening drew to a close with the old favourite, Leidzen’s On the King’s Highway.

Why not indulge by purchasing this new recording of easy listening music which, in addition to titles from the traditional “Judd Street” repertoire, has drawn from sources perhaps not so familiar,  plus a selection of exquisite cornet solos from David.

CDs are available at £13.95 plus £1.50 postage and  packing from:

Dawn Twist
22 Harrow Road
Leighton Buzzard

01525 854254

Click here to listen to selected tracks from the CD.

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