Morecombe and Wise

Ernie Wise and Eric Morecombe were probably one of the most successful duos of their kind bringing laughter and sunshine to so many of us.

Do you remember this one?

Ernie: “It was a summer evening. The Salvation Army band was playing outside the back door of the warehouse by the canal.”


Eric:Ummmmm…that  seems  a strange tune for The Salvation Army to play”


IMG-Morecombe-Wise-scaledMuch of their material including this particular quote came from the pen of Eddie Braben, a well respected script writer at the BBC. Eddie came from humble beginnings in Liverpool, and in later life worshiped with the Salvationists at Liverpool Walton Corps.  When he sadly passed away in 2013 his funeral was conducted by Major Ray Ebden.

Subsequently the BBC thought it right to hold a tribute gathering at the Radio Theatre, New Broadcasting House and in recognition of Eddie’s links with the SA it was a pleasure and privilege for the LCFB to be invited to participate along with such personalities as Angela Rippon,  Barry Cryer and Paul Merton.

Requested items were Starlake and Fill the World with Music….and of course Bring me Sunshine.